Welcome to the Rajapalayam Kshatriya Rajus - Oman website




Welcome to the Rajapalayam Kshatriya Rajus - Oman. Here, you can know about our community information and about RKR Oman.

President's Message..

We are proud to be Khastriya Rajus and our aim is to propagate among the young  boys and girls of the Kshatriya Rajus about our heritage, culture

and our traditional values. In Oman our community strength is around 175 members of which 35 members are with family. We are constantly in touch

with our community members in Oman and update among ourselves about the latest happenings in and around our community.

I welcome the guidance to keep up our cultural integrity from our proud Kshatriya Rajus from all parts of the world.


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